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Custom Project Sync


When synchronizing a project via the Synchronize a project from a vendor portal connection endpoint, the caller can provide some connector-specific parameters in the connectorSpecificConfig field of the request. This is a custom object holding information that the target connector can interpret and it can change certain aspects of how the synchronization should be executed.

Currently the connectorSpecificConfig field is only processed by Transifex connections.


Providing the connectorSpecificConfig field it can be defined which resources should be synchronized for which target languages.

Expected entity

The expected format of the Transifex specific entity is the following, where the default field defines which resources should be imported for each target language. The default import options can be overruled for any target language by the exceptions part.

connectorSpecificConfig: {
"default": {
"import": "None"
"exceptions": {
"l:en": {
"import": "All"
"l:de": {
"import": "ExcludingResources",
"resources": ["readmemd"]
"l:hu": {
"import": "IncludingResources",
"resources": ["sampledocx"]